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New Life

All of his life he had had dreams, dreams that felt real, as real as the waking moments he lived daily. Most of the dreams were unremarkable but it was the others that had always made him think. It took years for him to realize that they were visions, visions of things yet to come. At first they were about minor things like bumping into a friend or a conversation with a co-worker, but later in life as he got older they became deeper. He had visions of his wife coming to him announcing her pregnancies, the death of her father and the last one, which he had years later, was that of his own death.  The vision was bright and very vivid; and although he didn’t know when exactly it would be, he knew that it wasn’t too far off. He could always remember the time of day, the location, what he was wearing and how it would happen. He told his friends about the dreams and they brushed them off as craziness. His wife quickly dismissed them saying she didn’t want to hear or think about such things.…

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